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Going Digital; Digitalising Processes

Going digital is in essence an upgrading of tools. Yet with any tool the proper usage and utilisation is the key to its adoption. At Accentuate we believe in this over encompassing methodology and approach in our Business ERP solution.

This digital framework of modules eases the load of a couple of major pillars that holds up the business. Allowing more efficient pathways to complete often common, yet necessary tasks at any time and place.

Yet the system is robust enough to "grow" and develop with the business with many considerations in its design to give it flexibility and adaptability.


Business ERP Pricing Plans

Adoption of a subscription model for the software allows key aspects to be managed and monitored by our Accentuate Support this includes patches, updates and security.

OURS (1 User)

$  139 / month*
  • Unlimited Storage/Hosting
  • 1 User Account
  • Full Administrative Access
  • CRM (Full Suite)
  • SG Accounting

OURS+(3 Users)

$ 69 / month*
  • Unlimited Storage/Hosting
  • 3 User Accounts
  • Full Administrative Access
  • CRM (Full Suite)
  • SG Accounting


  • Unlimited Storage/Hosting
  • Unlimited Users
  • Full Administrative Suite
  • Customised CRM
  • Customised SG Accounting

*Based on 1 year plans.

Feature/Module Business ERP
by Accentuate
3rd Party Cloud CRM 3rd Party
Cloud Accounting
Pricing $69 / Month $130 / Month $64 / Month
CRM Management
Sales Management
Accounting Management (SG)
CRM Modules
Leads / Deals/ Contacts / Businesses (Unlimited)
Product Catalog
Custom Stages / Statuses
Accounting Management System
Chart of Accounts